CD-Runner 2020.0.0

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Fantastic home stereo, car, MP3 player, touchpad graphical faceplates

CD-Runner is a free multimedia player that enables you to play, rip and efficiently manage your music files, but it’s the way it looks that truly wins admirers.

There are home stereo, car, compact and touchpad style graphical faceplates, as well as a ribbon for when you minimize the interface. They look just as you would expect to see the CD/DVD player look in your home or car, portable player or tablet. Faceplates can be full size or small and are all are very customizable, and you can even switch between them as they play your music or watch your movie.

Play any music format, rip CDs, or run DVD movies

CD-Runner automatically identifies and plays audio CDs, popular music formats, Internet Radio, and DVD movies and provides support for automatically downloading CD information from freedb and other CDDB compatible databases. You can also submit album, song and artist information, liner notes, etc. from the application.

Play music files and audio CDS, run movies, rip audio CDs, convert MP3 to WAV, create MPs ID3 tags, OGG tags, and get a 15-band spectrum analyzer into the bargain. The free multimedia player interface is easy to navigate from initial setup through to using its many features. Download the package and extract all the files, then run the .exe file following the wizard’s instructions. The initial setup interface displays tabs across the top of the window.

The General tab has a panel with buttons for your wallpaper preferences at left and, at the right, you’ll find checkboxes for the CD-Runner options – Display Media Runner on startup, Show hidden controls, Auto-Run, Enable AutoDock for viewers and playlist editors, Enable Media Runner, Enable CD-ROM Runner, Enable Audio CD Runner. A panel beneath this lets you select your Audio Options.

Your system’s drives are selected in the Drives window, click the Skins tab to customize the faceplates and you select text and color options under Preferences as well as set up bookmarks.

Set Equalizer and Spectrum Analyzer preferences using the Spectrum/EQ tab, your MP3 file location under NetRadio, and the various preferred settings under the Advanced 1 and Advanced 2 tabs. The Advanced tabs include such settings as your various local file and alternate player locations, auto start for the various functions, popup functions, and other displays. Once you have configured all these settings, you’re ready to use CD-Runner. Many options can be changed by right-clicking for the context menu when the free multimedia player is running.

Manage your library, create playlists, view CD covers

All-in-one CD-Runner gives you all the features normally requiring several programs to be installed on your system.

The interface displays as the faceplate you selected. While it works the same way as any standard player, the music player provides more options. A set of 20 buttons enables you to switch immediately between the first 20 tracks, and CD, Media and Rip buttons let you change function.

Use the relevant button or right click for the context menu to access Playlist & Playlist Editor, Ripper, Media Center, Libraries, CD Cover viewer and Media Runner.

The Media Center window is the comprehensive center of operations. Play multimedia files located on any drive or network, view and set up radio stations, access your playlists and playlist editor and generally coordinate the many functions and features of the free multimedia player.

The Ripper will rip your selected tracks as MP3, WAV, Ogg or WMA and you get fully automated tagging and viewing. Load an audio CD to run CD-Runner’s Ripper. You can click the Record button or the Rip button on the player, or use the context menu, to bring up the Ripper interface which is simple to use.

Extremely flexible and easy to use, CD-Runner’s wide range of features meet a myriad of requirements for playing music, running movies, listening to radio and much, much more. It is compatible with all 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows.



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CD-Runner 2020.0.0

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