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You can find so many unit converters online that you may wonder why someone should still spend time developing another. When you try ConvertAll, however, you will understand why it was necessary. Unit converters typically work only one way, which means that you cannot combine different measurements. For example, you can convert from meters to feet and vice versa because they are both measurements of length.With this free unit converter, however, you can combine measurements as you want, even if they only make sense to you. For instance, you may convert from cubic nautical miles, meter-pounds or inches per decade.

You may select the base conversion units from a list or type them. When typing, the converter has an auto completion feature that keys in the relevant unit. You can select units using either their full names or abbreviations. Once the appropriate unit is highlighted, select it by pressing enter. Alternatively, you may press the tab key to select the unit and move to the next entry field.

You can filter and quickly search through the unit list using the Unit Finder function.

The program allows you to combine units with “*” and “/” operators, and you can group the denominators with parenthesis. If you want to re-use a combination that you had used recently, you can pick it from a menu instead of re-typing.

ConvertAll works in both directions, which means that you can enter numbers in either the ‘From’ or ‘To’ field. You can even use basic mathematical expressions instead of numbers.

Although the graphic user interface makes it easy for anyone with basic computer knowledge to use the software, you may also resort to the command line option.

ConvertAll comes with more than 500 units, and you can add others. You may change default settings by clicking the Options button and making necessary adjustments.


ConvertAll 0.8.0 Change Log :

New Features:

  • Added a separate base conversion dialog to convert between different base numbering systems. It converts from/to decimal, hexadecimal, octal and binary bases.
  • Added a separate fraction conversion dialog to convert from decimal to fractional numbers. It provides a list of fractions in order of increasing accuracy.
  • A GUI font selection button was added to the Options dialog. This allows larger fonts to be used for high resolution displays.
  • A new GUI color setting dialog was added to the Options dialog. It allows a dark theme to be selected, or colors can be selected individually.


  • Added the Beaufort wind speed unit.
  • R-value thermal resistance units were added.
  • The diopter/dioptre optical power unit was added.
  • Added the rydberg and hartree energy units.
  • Added the Planck constant as a unit.
  • Slightly adjusted the conversion value of the atomic mass unit (amu) and added the dalton synonym.
  • Slightly adjusted the conversion value of the astronomical (au) and the parsec units.
  • Add Swedish translation (thanks to Ake Engelbrektson).
  • Add Catalan translation (thanks to Pere Orga).
  • Update the libraries used to build the Windows binaries to Python 3.8 and Qt/PyQt 5.14.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a problem with the ConvertAll window being positioned off the screen after major changes in resolution when using external monitors.
  • Clarified the labels for several power-of-10 data units (KB, MB, etc.) to show as “SI standard” rather than “IEC standard”.


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ConvertAll 0.8.0

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