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If you are an advanced user who would like to configure almost all aspects of your media player, then PotPlayer is your answer. The versatile player is so flexible that you can not only use it to play many media file formats but also customize it to suit your individual taste.

Using PotPlayer

PotPlayer gave us the option to install additional codec during installation, which we accepted to enable the program to support many file formats. It was compatible with all common video, audio and playlist formats we tested.

The player’s main user interface was deceptively bare, as it only contained the usual playback controls. However, the software hid many intuitive settings and features under the hood. The plain interface made it easy to use and did not distract us from enjoying what was being played. We could access the settings either via the main menu or context menu. Unlike many programs, we accessed menu items via a drop-down list by clicking on the upper left corner of the program window.

On the lower right corner was the settings button that allowed us to adjust audio, video, subtitle and playback settings. Audio settings included a 10-band graphic equalizer with 19 presets. Unlike other media players, double-clicking paused playback instead of playing in full screen and back. Its full screen button was next to the close button on the upper right corner.

The player allowed us to add files from a variety of sources, including local and removable discs, web streams, webcam, television or other external audio streams. We could adjust its transparency using a small slide bar on the upper right part of the user interface, next to the minimize button.

Creating and managing playlists was a breeze. We could sort the files in a playlist using different criteria, such as by folder, extension or at random. If there were duplicate files, we could set the program to skip the duplicates.

The player allowed us to apply various video and audio processing filters. If there were any synchronization problems between video and audio or audio and subtitle, we could easily correct them. We could even download relevant subtitles for the videos we played.

PotPlayer offered us a perfect way of relaxing without forgetting to switch off our computer. We could set it to shut down the computer or put it to sleep after a specified duration or at a particular time.

The free media player is suitable for both basic and advanced users. The size and appearance of the user interface changes depending on the file being played.


PotPlayer is a full-featured media player that provides maximum performance while using minimal system resources. It lets you get the best from what you have, even if they are 3-D glasses, HDTV or only your computer. The player is highly customizable, and you can even configure your own keyboard shortcuts. Although it plays almost all types of media files, it seems to take its time before starting to play some formats.


Daum PotPlayer 230705 Change Log:

  • Added the ability to translate subtitles in addition to selected languages
  • Added support for g726 codec in MP4
  • Added support for ARIB subtitles
  • Fixed trackpad scrolling of playlists to be handled smoothly
  • Improved MP4 playback function while downloading
  • Improved raw av1 file playback function


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Daum PotPlayer 230705

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