Financial Calculator 4.2

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Making financial calculations using ordinary calculators can be challenging, which is why you need Financial Calculator. You can perform 11 different calculations in 11 parts, which you select by clicking the relevant tab on top of the program interface.

The bank section determines the interest in a month after calculating all deposits and withdrawals. If the remaining amount is below the required limit for receiving interest, the calculator only displays this amount because the interest will be zero.

The Bourse section simulates the transactions in the stock market, and you can use it to calculate the number of shares you can buy depending on your amount. It displays commission by showing the actual value and as percentage.

On the other hand, the Buy and Sell section helps you determine the amount of money needed to buy required items.

Other financial calculations you can perform include inflation, loan, interest, commodity value, tax, Internet and phone costs. You can even use the program to calculate how to divide money between group members.

Financial Calculator displays the actual values of large numbers without using exponential expressions. Once you have made your calculations, you can save the results into the programs database, and they will be displayed above each section. You can also save them as text files.

You can customize the small program as you want, from the colors used in different sections to any font and font size installed on your system. The colors make it easy to view different sections.

You could translate this program to any language you want.


Requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.8 or above. Get It Here.



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Financial Calculator 4.2

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