InchPro Decimal 1.0.0

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Do you sometimes have difficulty converting one unit to another? Then InchPro Decimal will help you out. The free unit converter is designed to convert between a large collection of measuring units for length or distance. The lightweight program quickly converts among metric, US Survey, International, International nautical and Astronomical systems.

Using InchPro Decimal

InchPro Decimal installed quickly and without a hitch or any attempt at forcing a third-party application on our system. The program featured a gray-themed graphical user interface with two drop-down lists for selecting the required units. Above the lists were fields for displaying values to be converted and the converted ones.

Although we could enter values on both boxes, the free unit converter only converted the values entered on the left side, with the results shown on the right box. In other words, we entered calculations on the left field and viewed their results in the right field. Below the lists were two large buttons for respectively cleaning the box fields and converting entered units.

The program allowed us to convert among 32 different measuring units. However, we needed to select compatible units in the combo boxes for calculations to take place. Otherwise, nothing happened when we clicked the “Convert Units!” button. That option could be confusing unless we knew the exact units to use. We felt it would have been simpler to all users had the units been placed into different categories.

When we selected appropriate units, entered a value in the left field and clicked the button for initiating conversion, the result was instantly displayed in the right field.


InchPro Decimal is a free unit converter that is compatible with 32 different units. However, you must know the right unit combinations to use. Never the less, the program is easy to use, requiring only three steps: entering the desired value, selecting the required units and clicking the conversion button. The software displays results in decimal format.



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InchPro Decimal 1.0.0

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