Interactive Calendar 2.2

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Interactive Calendar is a free desktop calendar program that allows users to organize their time well via an interactive planner; hence the name. The convenient task manager offers many customization capabilities while remaining easy to use. It displays a calendar that forms part of the desktop, which you can use to access years, months or specific dates quickly.

Features Interactive Calendar :

  • Entries appear directly on the desktop wallpaper
  • Dual monitors support
  • Skins support
  • Can print either table or wall calendars
  • Templates for printing task lists
  • Image insertion
  • Simultaneous multiple records processing
  • Hyperlinks to local, network or Internet files
  • Fast calendar rendering
  • Interactive
  • Powerful database search engine
  • Flexible sorting system

Using Interactive Calendar

When we launched Interactive Calendar for the first time, it opened a panel where we needed to customize it. Customizations we chose included:

  • Choosing its position and size on the desktop
  • Selecting a picture we wanted to appear in the background
  • Configuring hotkeys to call up the program
  • Adjusting calendar appearance, including cells and fonts

We could change the configuration later under the Options Menu in the Tools tab. The desktop calendar had both single and double arrow marks that allowed us to move forward or backwards by one month or year depending on the arrow we clicked. The main program that we could use to perform various tasks resided in the system tray, and we had the option to call it by pressing the key combination we had chosen during setup.

Adding an event is as easy as double-clicking a relevant date on the desktop calendar and a pop-up window appears to enter relevant details. Under the General tab, you can enter the subject of the event, its start and end dates, recurrence, choose whether it is an all-day event and write some relevant information. The Description tab lets you format the information you have written and even add pictures. It brings up a built-in text editor that supports rich text formatting and spell-checking, and you can use a thesaurus to look up words.

The subject of the event appears in the cell(s) of the chosen date(s). The next time you double click on the date, the details of the record you entered will appear in a small pop-up window.

The integrated search tool helped us to look for specific tasks easily and quickly by entering desired text. If wanted to be even more specific, we could set the text to be case sensitive and search for whole words only. The program allowed us to export our print reports into either HTML or RTF file formats. In addition, we could export or import entries in several file formats, including TXT, XML, CSV, IDB and CDB, the program’s own database format.

The print functionality allowed us to print both wall and table calendars, where we had the option to include our tasks if wanted.


Interactive Calendar features an intuitive user-friendly interface, which is fully customizable. The free desktop calendar is designed to help people get more organized. It has minimal memory and CPU requirements.



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Interactive Calendar 2.2

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