KeyNote NF v1.8.0 Beta 6

  No Viruses     No Spyware    No Adware

Tabbed notebook / outliner with Rich Text editor, multi-level tree notes. Ideal for free-form or structured information. Stores many notes within one file. Each note can contain a hierarchical tree of topics.


Features KeyNote NF:

  • Powerful editing and formatting functions.
  • Convenient and powerful search, including searching for text in all notes and boolean (AND/OR) search.
  • “Virtual node” feature allows you to edit files on disk as if they were part of your KeyNote file.
  • Macros, templates, plugins, printing.
  • Ability to send notes via email.
  • Very fast switching between notes and files.
  • Fast, responsive and easy to navigate interface.
  • Extremely configurable interface and behavior.
  • Files can be protected with secure, strong encryption, using IDEA or Blowfish algorithms.
  • User-configurable categories and icons.
  • Text highlighting, word expansion glossary (auto-correct), bookmarks, expression evaluation.
  • Import and export: text, RTF, HTML, TreePad.
  • Clickable hyperlinks to Internet sites or local files.
  • Clipboard capture, user-defined styles, drag-and-drop operations.
  • Integrates with MS Office spellchecker and the freeware WordWeb thesaurus.
  • Freeware, open-source.


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KeyNote NF v1.8.0 Beta 6

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