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MKVCleaver provides a graphic user interface for MKVToolnix, which is used to extract data from Matroska (MKV, MKA, MKS, WebM) files. You can use the program to extract tracts from your favorite videos. This is important considering that one MKV file can contain many image or video and audio tracks.

Using MKVCleaner

MKVCleaner has a simple interface that is easy to use. You can open the files you want to process, remove some from your list if you change your mind or locate MKVToolnix. The extraction button remains disabled until you specify the path to MKVToolnix, which means that you must install the platform tools before you can use the program.

Besides browsing for required MKV files, we could simply drag and drop them onto the program window. We managed to extract either individual tracks or several tracks simultaneously, which included tags, chapters, attachments, video and audio tracks. In batch mode, the program extracted all selected tracks from all files simultaneously.

Once we had listed the files we wanted to process, MKVCleaner displayed the tracks we could extract on the right side of the program window. We could then select any of the tracks we wanted to extract or select more than one track for batch extraction. The program let us choose the names we wanted to use and location to save them. By default, it saves tracks in the parent folders. We could also get detailed information about files if we wanted.

The program tracks language code ad detects the variable frame rate. It automatically extracts videotimecodes for VFR files. If you want, you can select timecodes-only mode.

You can also select what you want it to do after processing your files. Depending on the number of files to process and their respective sizes, you can set the program to turn off the computer after completion so that you start attending to other matters.


  • Easy to use
  • Supports batch extraction
  • Drag and drop capability
  • Converts H264 files to AVI


MKVCleaver is a simple tool that anyone who wants to extract anything from any MKV file can use.



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