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Tagging songs does not only help you personalize your music collection but also makes it easier to sort them according to your preferences. If you want a free MP3 tag editor to help you in the process, then Mp3tag is a good choice. You can use the powerful program to perform various functions, including creating playlists, replacing words or characters in tags, renaming files depending on tag information and exporting or importing tag information.


Mp3tag Features :

  • Batch tag editing
  • Full Unicode support
  • Cover art support
  • Renaming files using tags or vice versa
  • Replacing words or characters
  • Importing from MusicBrainz, freedb, discogs and Amazon
  • Automatic playlist creation

Using Mp3tag

Mp3tag makes it easy to edit an entire music library irrespective of the tagging methods used in individual songs. This means you will use the same set of standards in your library, which makes it easier to organize your music collection.

The batch editing feature made it easy for us to work on multiple files simultaneously. We just needed to select them with the mouse and then edit relevant details on the left part of the main program window. We could use regular expressions to replace the strings used in tags.

The ability to import information from different online sources was even more convenient, as we did not have to do the typing. Searching for relevant details in such online databases as freedb, discogs, MusicBrainz and Amazon was a breeze, and the program filled the details automatically. We also downloaded album covers to make our music library more aesthetically appealing.

Once we had created our tags, we used them to rename our music files for better organization. If you like the way your songs are named, then you can use the names to create your tags instead. The program is also useful in creating lists of music collections and other reports, which you can export as CSV, RTF or HTML files.



Mp3tag is a powerful and free MP3 tag editor that makes it easy to organize a large music collection. The editor is compatible with about 14 different music formats.


Mp3tag v3.22 Change Log :

Configuration Settings for Tag Sources

This feature was a huge undertaking. It allows Tag Sources Developers to define configuration settings for their Tag Sources, which, in turn, are used by Mp3tag to both generate a configuration dialog and in the Tag Source itself. This means no more manual editing of Tag Sources, which was both tedious to keep updated and prone to errors. I’ve added lots of documentation 47 to get you started.

Thanks to @stevehero for the initial suggestion and continuous feedback, @AreDigg for feedback and early adoption, and all who tried and supported this feature during the beta phase.

Checkbox fields on Tag Panel

It’s now possible to define checkbox fields to the Tag Panel. This can be useful for certain fields where the only valid input is 1, e.g., for COMPILATION and PODCAST. I’ve also added a new Type-selector, which now lists the different supported field types TextCheck, and Multiline.

More JSON-related functions for Web Sources Framework

The focus was clearly on Tag Sources with this release. The Web Sources Framework got many new JSON-related functions, which should make developing JSON-based Tag Sources a breeze (or at least more like that).

  • json_select_many has new options for last item separator and maximum items to select,
  • json_select_many_count to emit the number of objects a JSON array, or objects with a certain element,
  • json_foreach_counter to emit the current counter of iteration via json_foreach or json_foreach_reverse,
  • json_foreach_reverse to start iteration over an JSON array in reversed order,

… and one general-purpose function SayDuration which converts a given number to a formatted duration string.



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Mp3tag v3.22

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