OBS Studio 30.0.0 Beta 3

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Open Broadcaster is a handy program for anyone interested in either recording and saving videos locally or streaming live content on the Internet. The free and open-source program provides many features and supports several streaming services, including YouTube, DailyMotion, Twitch, CyberGame, CashPlay, Hitbox and iNSTAGIB.tv.You can use unlimited number of sources and scenes, including texts, image slideshows and even applications running on the desktop. The program is compatible with different devices supporting DirectShow capture, such as capture cards and webcams. It also supports Intel Quick Sync and NVENC.

The program’s GPU-based game capture allows you to capture and stream games in high quality. You can adjust the quality balance and other streaming options to suit your own preferences.

You can adjust the position of your sources on the screen and change their order. The program lets you preview your videos before broadcasting them. You will have full control of the entire recording and streaming process.

OBS Studio 30.0 Beta 3 Change Log:

  • Fixed a crash when quickly switching between NVIDIA Audio Filters [pkviet]
  • Fixed a crash on Linux with Wayland when choosing a YouTube stream [ikalnytskyi]
  • Fixed service integrations missing in Flatpak build [tytan652]
  • Fixed AMD encoder settings not being saved in Simple Output Mode [tytan652]
  • Fixed source type version when dropping files onto the OBS UI [norihiro]
  • Fixed multiple issues with QSV on Linux [kkartaltepe]
  • Fixed an issue that could cause hardware encoders not showing up as options on capable GPUs [notr1ch]
  • Fixed SRT and RIST output being broken [pkviet]
  • Fixed possible security certificate verification failure when trying to stream with RTMPS on macOS [PatTheMav]
  • Fixed stream key tooltip being inaccurate [TianQiBuTian]
  • Fixed alignment of vertical audio mixer controls [cg2121]
  • Fixed alignment of status bar message [cg2121]
  • Added logging for “Ignore streaming service setting recommendations” [derrod]
  • Added logging for Video Capture Devices on macOS for portrait and studio light effects [gxalpha]
  • Increased minimum output resolution to 32×32 to prevent certain encoder failure scenarios [RytoEX]


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OBS Studio 30.0.0 Beta 3

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