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Q-Eye Portable is a handy application for creating and transforming QVD/QVX files. Companies that handle many new customers can easily end up having many QVD files and it may be difficult to know what is inside some of the files or why they were created. The traditional way of viewing these files is to create a script that is loaded into QlikView. This method can be cumbersome if you have to check many QVD files, yet you will not even be able to edit the files. Q-Eye Portable is designed to edit QVD and QVX files.

Features and Functions

As its name indicates, Q-Eye Portable does not require installation but is designed to work with PortableApps Menu. This means that you can conveniently run it from a portable drive like a USB flash drive.

The application features function buttons on the upper part of its user interface, which are grouped into different categories like File, Clipboard, Load, Find, Export, Layout and Miscellaneous. The main part of the application window has rows and columns for entering data while the bottom section features the status bar.

The intuitive software intelligently determines QVD data types. For example, you must enter an integer value in the F1 column, and trying to enter anything that is not an integer will bring up an error message. On the other hand, the F3 column accepts strings, allowing you to enter anything. when entering dates (in F4 column), you must use ODBC format that the program recognizes as date field.

Right-clicking a cell brings up a context menu that allows you to perform different actions, including viewing comprehensive metadata information. The application displays nine rows and four columns by default but you can add more. You may also delete the ones that you do not need.

Q-Eye features a multi-document interface and supports very large QVD files. You can save your work as QVD, QVX, Excel, XML and SQL Insert Scripts.


Q-Eye Portable is a powerful program that allows users to create, open and edit both QVD and QVX files with ease. The software integrates with the operating system for ease of use.



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Q-Eye v6.5.1.0

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