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ShowMore is a powerful program for recording different screen activities, whether they are online tutorials or game tricks. The free screen recorder accepts different audio input sources, allowing you to add your own narration to your recordings or capture the internal audio playing on your computer. You can record videos in different formats, which means you can play them on different devices.

Using ShowMore

We downloaded and installed the online launcher that we used to start the web-based screen recorder. When we completed the installation, a pop-up window appeared displaying the message: ‘Ready! Go back to the web page to start.’ The free screen recorder was launched soon after we clicked the ‘OK’ button on the pop-up window.

It featured a transparent rectangular box whose size we could adjust by dragging its sides or corners. Below the box was a panel for controlling the recorder. The ‘Options’ button on the right part of the panel allowed us to configure the program the way we wanted. For example, we could choose the desired video format, bitrate, frame rate and audio quality. The basic settings let us specify whether to include cursor in capture, show recording toolbar, show recording boundary, beep when starting recording or show countdown before recording. The general settings allowed us to set hot keys and output folder.

A microphone button on the left part of the panel enabled us to choose the source of audio we wanted, such as system sound, microphone, system sound and microphone or none. Next to the button was another button that allowed us to select whether to record the screen or use a web camera.

Once we had opened what we wanted to record and adjusted the recorder’s size to fit it, we clicked the ‘Record’ button to start the process. The program gave us the opportunity to add annotations during recording, such as arrows, different shapes and text among others. We even had the option to integrate a web camera when recording a screen.

When we paused or stopped the recording, two buttons appeared that we could use to either save the recording or delete it and start over. Clicking the save button displayed a pop-up menu from where we chose how we wanted to save our video. We could save it as a video file or upload it to YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive or Dropbox. The pop-up menu featured ‘Redo’ and ‘Cancel’ buttons that we could use if we wanted to start over with another recording.

When saving the video file, we had the option to verify the format, name and destination folder before clicking the ‘Save’ button. Another pop-up window appeared after saving the file, which gave us the option to play the video, open destination folder or copy the file path.

In addition to recording videos, ShowMore features a trimming function that can come in handy if you only want to use a portion of the recorded video. Trimming is as easy as clicking and dragging along the timeline to select the desired portion.


ShowMore is a simple but powerful tool for creating screencasts and tutorials among other things. It comes with custom presets that allow you to use it straight away, but you may also configure it and adjust the capture size manually.



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ShowMore – Free Screen Recorder v1.3.3

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