Dead Deer

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Dead Deer has nothing to do with an animal unless you are creating a 3-D model of the animal. The powerful 3-D modeler is especially useful in designing stunning games, as it provides necessary tools for performing all the required steps. You can use it to model and animate your models.

Using Dead Deer

Dead Deer is a lightweight and stable program that covers all necessary steps of the 3-D modeling process.

The program’s graphical user interface featured menu and option bars on top, a tool panel on the right for adjusting various features of our model and a work area that covered most of the window. We could access some of the options on the top bars via the context menu by clicking the right mouse button.

The tools on the right panel were divided into blocks that made it easier to find what we wanted. The user interface was designed more for functionality than aesthetic appeal.

We got just a few basic tips on the initial program window, but we could access more tutorials from the help menu, which was on the far right end of the menu bar, identified by a question mark. The tutorials showed us necessary modeling processes and even the software’s language.

When we embarked on modeling our 3-D game, we started by creating the forms of our model and applying textures to its body. We then created the skeleton and added relevant animations required in the game. We used different items of decoration, such as stage and lighting.

Once we had designed our model, we needed to describe how the various elements in the game interacted with one another. We also provided descriptions of their physical properties.


Dead Deer is a comprehensive 3-D game modeler that features different tools for which you would otherwise need different programs. Since you will only use one program from start to finish, you will not deal with file incompatibility. You can use it to create even a complete soccer game, featuring players, spectators and a modern stadium. Although the program is intuitive, you need a relatively high level of experience to use it.



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Dead Deer

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