Icons8 Lunacy v9.5

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If you would like to view Sketch files without making any changes on them, then Icons8 Lunacy will fulfill your need. The Sketch viewer features handy functions for HTML/CSS coding. The software is easy to use out of the box and does not require complex configurations.

Features and Functions

1. Program Window

When you launch the Icons8 Lunacy, you will see the user interface divided into several sections that will largely be blank until you load a Sketch file. You will need to load the required file via the “File” menu. The software only features a small menu bar without a tool bar and it does not support drag and drop.

2. Opening Files

The “File” menu allows you to open and close files in addition to exporting desired files and associating the program with Sketch files. If you will mostly need to view Sketch files without modifying them, then associating them with the program will help you open them faster as you will simply double-click them.

The “File” menu will also let you access a list of the recently opened files for quick access.

3. Viewing Loaded Files

When you load a file, its preview will appear in the center pane while its parameters and features will respectively appear on the right and left panes. When you click on a component in the left pane, you will see its details on the right one.

The “View” menu gives you the opportunity to zoom either in or out to 100%, 200% or 300%. The current percentage is displayed within the window, with “-” and “+” signs on either side for selecting different zoom percentages.

4. Exporting Files

The program lets you view the CSS properties of desired objects, which you may easily copy. You can also export the opened file to PNG image format, enabling you to use them with different programs.


Icons8 Lunacy features an elegant viewer that reads Sketch files with different features, including raster images, gradients, shadows and text. As a bonus, you will not have to deal with Mac plug-ins that synchronize with servers.



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Icons8 Lunacy v9.5

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