Software Submission Policy

  1. We do not accept certain types of software:
    • Software bundled with Adware/Spyware
    • Shareware
    • Demos
    • Trialware
    • Crippled Software (including “lite” versions)
    • Non-English Software
    • Reseller or Affiliate software (ex: Casino software)
  2. All files must have a direct download link. Example: ( If your files are hosted with a File Hosting service which can not be remotely linked, we will host your file on our servers.
  3. Your account will allow you to manage your listings and view stats (downloads, reviews, etc.)
  4. All submissions will go directly to our queue and will not be immediately available on our site. We use this policy to ensure forbidden software is not added to our site.
  5. Software Submissions that do not comply with our Submission Policy will be deleted without notice.