Hybrid 2023.03.17.1

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Hybrid is a powerful multiplatform tool you can use to convert almost all types of input to Xvid/x264/ogg/flac/mp3/ac3 within avi/mp4/mkv/mov/webm/m2ts containers, AVCHD structures or Blu-ray. The Qt-based frontend video converter has many great features, including:

  • Separated video and audio filter profiles as well as video and audio combi profiles
  • The ability to create chapters either automatically or manually
  • Support for chapter and subtitle for Blu-ray/mp4/mkv
  • Tagging support for mov/mp4/mkv
  • Support for several video and audio output formats
  • Compatible with different containers
  • The ability to automate different functions
  • Video/audio pass-through
  • Integrated bitrate calculator


Hybrid 2023.03.17.1 Change Log:

    Avisynth: mclean not called with default filter order
    Avisynth: SelectRangeEvery
    Vapoursynth: mod requirement handling for some filters
    Vapoursynth: crop with interlaced fields handling
    Vapoursynth: a few issues around masking
    Vapoursynth: restrict Santiag color spaces
    Vapoursynth: (normal) TimeCube call
    Vapoursynth: restrict color spaces for NVEncCL
    Vapoursynth: convert RGBH to RGBS for fmtc
    Vapoursynth: vsPreview handling non-square aspect ratio
    Vapoursynth: loading BilateralGPU filter in vsGradFun
    Synth: letterbox issue where letterbow width/height addition was uneven
    Jobs: typo in job generation for blu-ray input
    Jobs: index file path for ‘Create sub-folder …’
    Video: SVT-AV1 denoise option rennamed
    Video: x264 only add rc-lookahead when mbtree is used
    Video: SVT-AV1 HDR10 signaling
    Video: x265 signaling luma always as limited
    Audio: multi-input raw audio reencode
    Muxing: FFmpeg can’t handle ttxt subtitle
    Vapoursynth: missing some needed checks
    Vapoursynth: restrict Santiag color spaces
    Vapoursynth: re-enable RealCUGAN resizer
    Avisynth: use vsDeblockP77 for DeblockPP7
    Tools: set priority through niceness on vsViewer&avsViewer
    Torch: adjust to SwinIR v3, DPIR v3.0.0, vsFeMaSR updated, vsGMFSS_union
    Video: disable NVEncC/QSVEncC ‘encoder only’ for ‘DVD input’
    Vapoursynth: mode vsSpotLess options
    Vapoursynth: support for vsDGDenoise, vsDGSharpen
    Video: NVEncC npp support
    Filtering: overwrite input color matrix and luminance value


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Hybrid 2023.03.17.1

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