Wise Reminder v1.3.7

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Would you like to have a personal secretary that never forgets, you do not have to argue with and does not need monthly payments? Then consider Wise Reminder from WiseCleaner. The lightweight and free tool will help you manage your schedule in memo style and give you timely reminders.

The user friendly interface divides your plans into two sections: Unfinished and Completed. Creating your memo is as easy as typing its description, selecting or typing time and date, choosing whether it is a one-time or repeated event and selecting reminder tone or mute. You may choose either the default tone or pick your preferred one.

The Unfinished section will display the memos you have created but have not yet been executed, including the remaining duration. When the scheduled time arrives, the application displays a notice, and you may click either the ‘I got it’ or ‘Postpone’ button depending on your circumstances.

The Completed section will display the already executed memos and give you the choice to either re-use or delete them.

If you like the reminder feature on your phone and wish you could have a similar application on your computer, then you do not need to wish any more. Use Wise Reminder.



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Wise Reminder v1.3.7

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