DAEMON Tools Lite v11.2.0.2105

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Daemon Tools Lite is a virtual drive emulation software that allows you to create and manage virtual drives on your computer. These virtual drives can be used to mount disk image files (such as ISO, IMG, and others) as if they were physical discs in your CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive. Daemon Tools Lite is developed by Disc Soft Ltd.


Features Daemon Tools of the Lite edition:

  1. Virtual Drive Creation: Daemon Tools Lite allows you to create virtual optical drives on your computer. You can create multiple virtual drives, each of which can be used to mount a different image file.


  2. Mounting Images: You can mount various types of disk image files, including ISO, BIN, IMG, CCD, and others, onto your virtual drives. This allows you to access the contents of the image file without the need for physical media.


  3. Image Conversion: It provides the ability to convert image files from one format to another, making it easier to work with different types of disk images.


  4. Image Editing: You can edit and manage your disk image files directly within Daemon Tools Lite. You can add, remove, or modify files and folders in the image without mounting it.


  5. Bootable USB Drives: Daemon Tools Lite allows you to create bootable USB drives from disk image files, which can be useful for tasks like installing operating systems.


  6. Disc Burner: It includes a basic disc burning feature that lets you burn files and folders to physical optical discs like CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays.


  7. Mounting Images at Startup: You can configure Daemon Tools Lite to automatically mount selected image files at system startup, making it easy to access frequently used virtual drives.


  8. Image Catalog: It provides a catalog feature where you can organize and manage your disk image files for easy access.


  9. Integration with Windows Explorer: Daemon Tools Lite integrates with Windows Explorer, allowing you to mount and unmount image files directly from the context menu.


  10. User-friendly Interface: The Lite edition features a user-friendly and straightforward interface that makes it relatively easy for users to manage their virtual drives and disk image files.

DTLite 11.2.0 Change Log:

  • added VeraCrypt image creation wizard;
  • minor fixes and performance improvements;
  • improved ARM version;


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DAEMON Tools Lite v11.2.0.2105

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