Droid Explorer v0.9.0.4

  No Viruses     No Spyware    No Adware

A tool to manage your rooted android device with the simplicity of Windows Explorer.


Features Droid Explorer:

  • Multiple Device Support
  • Copy and auto-apply update.zip
  • Copy local files to device
  • Auto detection of connected/disconnected device
  • APK file icon and extended information
  • Device command shell window
  • Reboot device
  • Reboot device in to recovery mode
  • Open files for viewing / execution locally with the default file type executable
  • Drag & Drop file copy from Explorer
  • Flash Recovery Image
  • Package Manager (Install & Uninstall)
  • No need to mount SD card to access files from computer
  • Access files in other directories besides SD card
  • Copy files from device to local clipboard
  • Paste files from local clipboard to device
  • Open files on local machine
  • Display open with dialog to specify what to open a file with
  • Right click APK and Uninstall
  • Right click APK and Install
  • Delete files from device
  • Take a Screen Shot (landscape or portrait)
  • Plugins can register as a component to open files
  • Open from within Computer
  • Should now work with more ROMs as long as they are Rooted and have busybox
  • Device “Friendly Name” instead of device serial number.
  • Android Screencast Plugin – Control your android device with your mouse and keyboard
  • Install/Uninstall APK files right from explorer
  • Standalone plugin runner (will mainly be used for windows 7 jump lists and the apk installer but can be used to run any plugin.
  • Better Hero Support
  • Backup the “Google Experience” applications and creates an update.zip containing the applications
  • Use an existing Android SDK with Droid Explorer, or let Droid Explorer set up the SDK for you.



  • Fixed the install apk shortcut to default to install.
  • Added screen capture functionality. The Plugin will show up if the connected device supports screen capture.
  • Tweaked the SaveFileDialog, OpenFileDialog, & FileDialog to better support an ‘initial directory’.
  • Tweaked the way the plugin toolstrips are created to hopefully support reloading when connecting to another device.
  • Fixed launching screenshot from the shortcut or jumplist item.
  • Replaced the JNLP with a more active developed androidscreencast and launch a jar file directly.
  • Changed the window of the ScreenRecorder to be fixed.
  • Updated the InstallDialog to make use of the PluginHost which provides device and other information.
  • Fixed the regex for checking if an app was installed successfully and fixed the regex for getting the permissions
  • Fixed the device backup so it launches correctly from the shortcut.
  • Added Sqlite Browser to replace the feature lacking sqlite explorer that was part of this project. See http://sqlitebrowser.org/ for info on Sqlite Browser.
  • TransferDialog now usable by plugins. Move TransferDialog to Core.UI
  • Consolidation of some string resources in to the Global App Resources
  • Default the file name when saving a screenshot to be ‘screenshot-{yyyy-MM-dd-hhmmss}.png’ Enhancement. ‘Screenshot’ tool. Make new File Name for each screenshot
  • All PluginForms now require IPluginHost to be passed in.
  • Updated image resources for the screenshot plugin
  • added toolbar item to screenshot to “edit in default application”
  • removed SqliteEditForm since it isn’t used any more.
  • fixed the saving size of the screenshot. It will save as the original source size Enhancement. ‘Screenshot’ tool. –
  • Add Image size/format/quality settings
  • Added ability to rotate screen capture video 90/180/270 degrees when copying to pc. uses ffmpeg to rotate video. Enhancement: Screencapture flip video on PC using FFMpeg
  • Added option to delete capture file after copy to pc Voted Enhancement: Screencapture. Add option: Delete video from device after copying to PC
  • set a default filename on ‘/sdcard/’ for screen capture Enhancement: Screencapture. Need to set default file name and directory
  • Changed when disconnected from device that the ‘connect to device’ button is not disabled. ‘Connect to device’ button becomes disabled after disconnecting device from PC
  • Fixed crash when the monitor service is not running and you disconnect from the device because the ADB daemon shuts down and status cannot be retrieved.
  • Added link to WiFi ADB app on the remote connect dialog. This will help people enable wifi adb. Enhancement: WiFi ADB. Need to add link on Remote Connect pop up
  • Added method to IPlugin interface to initialize the plugin. This can be used to set up files on the device before the plugin executes.
  • Removed androidscreencast, switched to using android screen monitor fork (https://github.com/camalot/android-screen-monitor). The fork allows the device ID to be passed as an argument. This way the user does not have to select the device again.
  • Changed the call to launch the jar for screen monitor to call “java.exe”, before it was just “java” and that was causing issues. Unable to run Screencast tool: Select program for opening Java.exe
  • Added more logging during initialization to help with debugging start up issues. App stuck on run during ‘Attempting to launch ADB as Root’ with Samsung Devices
  • Set the toolstrip renderer on screenshot plugin to be the same that is used elsewhere.
  • Added functions for Forward & Reverse to be used with the port manager
  • Added option to restart ADB server on the connection dialog


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Droid Explorer v0.9.0.4

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