iColorFolder 1.4.2

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iColorFolder is a useful utility that will organize and change your folder icon.

To begin, the program has been entirely rewritten in C++ ; thus the .NET Framework is no more needed. Then, Flyakite told me how to do to take in count the changes to the folder immediately ; you don’t need anymore to refresh Explorer view to see the new color or icon of a folder.

Finally, about the skins, the Vista skin has been updated, with the help of Nobo. The SnowE2 skin has been removed from the default pack, and been replaced by the gorgeous Agua skin, made by Ced with David Lanham’s icons.


Features iColorFolder:

  • Organise your files more easily
  • With iColorFolder, give some color to WindowsXP folders. With just a right-click, colorize your folders, and discover a new intuitive way to classify your files. A quick view is now enough to identify the folder you are looking for !
  • Classify your folders by Family
  • You can now classify your folders by Family. Red is an Important folder, Orange is Urgent, Green is Familial… Choose the attributions that you like, so you’ll never delete an important folder by error.
  • A fast and light tool
  • iColorFolder is a very light soft, that doesn’t stay in memory. It uses a native functionnality of WindowsXP to be more efficient. Discover it’s simplicity : with a single right-click on a folder you colorize it ; the necessary and only the necessary. iColorFolder is proudly an Open-Source program.
  • Fully skinnable
  • iColorFolder is bundled with three apparences : the default apparence of WindowsXP folders, a Mac OS X skin and a Snow.E2 skin. If your system is already customized with shellpacks like WinOSX, you’ll keep the same folder apparence. You can find other skins on the Web or even easily create one yourself.
  • Some images tells more than a thousand word
  • You’ll find in the Screenshots Section some images describing iColorFolder and presenting it’s functionalities. Try it ! If you didn’t like it, you can uninstall it fully and quickly.


How to Change Icon Folder With iColorFolder 



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iColorFolder 1.4.2

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