ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver v2.1.1

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If your computer has more Random Access Memory than you need, then you can make better use of it by creating virtual disks. ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver is a handy utility for reserving part of the RAM for use with image files or creating virtual disks. You can use it to easily create virtual CD/DVD or floppy disk drives and hard disks.

Using ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver

The program’s install package installed a console-mode control application and an applet in the Control Panel. Using the program can be somewhat confusing since it does not have the conventional user interface.

We called the program by typing imdisk at the command prompt. Alternatively, we could double-click the program icon in the Control Panel. The program was also added to the context menu, which allowed us to mount image files as virtual disk drives by right-clicking on them.

We could call different functions from the command prompt, such as attaching, detaching and editing virtual disks. When creating a virtual disk, we could choose to create a new MBR if we wanted. We then specified the size that we wanted to add to the virtual disk, and the size unit could be in bytes, blocks, kilobytes, megabytes or gigabytes.

Our new virtual disk could be backed by either an image file or memory. In the latter case, we did not need to provide a drive letter. We then selected the type of device among hard disk volume, floppy and CD/DVD ROM.

There were three different ways in which our virtual disk could access an image file. We could let it access the image file directly or copy the image file to either physical or virtual memory. We could also choose to create it as removable media.

ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver allowed us to perform different things with a mounted virtual disk, including saving it to an image file, removing it, extending its size and formatting. We could also set media as read-only, writeable, removable or fixed.


If you need to store some data in memory for quick access and automatically remove them when you switch off your system, then you need to create a virtual disk. ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver is a lightweight but comprehensive tool for creating virtual disk drives quickly. However, the program seems to be targeted towards advanced users, as it does not have the normal graphical user interface that any computer user can handle.



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ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver v2.1.1

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