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If you are looking for DNS filtering software, then consider NxFilter. This freeware can help you monitor Internet use on your network with relative ease. In addition, the software will help you block malware and botnet using DNS packet inspection. Although many new routers incorporate firewalls and other filters to protect against online attacks, the filters generally offer very limited configuration. NxFilter filters both outgoing and incoming network traffic and provides a complete log with web browsing history.


Features NxFilter

  • Accelerating Internet speed using local DNS cache
  • Load-balancing and fail-safe
  • Remote user filtering
  • Active Directory integration
  • Group or user based policy assignment
  • Botnet and malware detection
  • Phishing protection
  • Blocking by domain category
  • Block reason view in block page
  • Dual policy for both free and work time
  • Three types of user authentication
  • Unlimited custom categories
  • Whitelist and blacklist
  • Dashboard and reporting
  • Embedded DB and webserver
  • Support for internationalized domain name
  • Syslog exportation
  • E-mail alert
  • Compatible with Windows and Linux systems


Using NxFilter

The software started its service as soon as we installed it. We could access its main interface through any web browser and typing our computer’s hostname or IP address. A web page was then opened that allowed us to monitor Internet use in real time.

We used the buttons at the top of the program’s interface to make a variety of configurations, including sending of automatic e-mails depending on specified alerts. That was a handy feature because it could let us know immediately when someone tried to attack our system or computer. We even used the program to block network users from accessing certain websites.

The history section gave us a list of users and the websites they accessed, and the software enabled us to adjust the time it took before the log was displayed.

We improved our ability to block malware by blocking domains that phishing websites are known to use. The program can also be used to block programs that use DNS.


  • NxFilter installs as a service
  • The main interface can be accessed via any web browser
  • Provides a list of likely phishing sites
  • Allows blocking of unwanted sites
  • Ability to view user logs within specified intervals


  • Although it is relatively easy to use NxFilter, some of its configurations can challenge users

NxFilter is a handy tool for administrators who want to monitor Internet use and block malware. You need Java 1.6 or higher to use the freeware.


NxFilter Change Log:

  • /webapps/example has been copied into /guipack/sandwatch.
  • Baselist has been updated to 4858558.


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