PasswordSafe 3.61.0

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If you have more than one online account, then it is not wise to use the same password for all or even two of them. If hackers crack the password, they will gain access to both or all accounts. On the other hand, remembering multiple passwords can be a challenge, especially considering the need to create strong passwords with a combination of letters, figures and symbols. Password Safe Portable will help securely store them, and you only need to memorize one master password.

The software stores your passwords in a database, and you can create multiple databases depending on your needs. The databases are independent and can work on other computers so long as you use the same version of software. The program derives an encryption key from your master password, which it uses to encrypt the password database.

The first time you use the free password manager, you will need to create your master password. You can specify where you want to store the password, but the software selects a folder named “My Safes” by default. You essentially create a database file where you will store your passwords. The program encrypts the file with your master password.

Password Safe Portable uses Twofish encryption algorithm to secure your passwords. When you create a weak master password, the program displays a warning message with suggestion on how to create a strong combination.

Once you have created your master password, a page will open where you can add your passwords. You do this by clicking on “Add Entry” under the Edit menu. If you click on “New”, you will create a new database instead. You can import existing passwords and group your entries into relevant categories such as work and personal.

The program opens the last used database by default. If you have multiple databases, you can select the one you want from a drop-down list. Alternatively, you can select a database by clicking the ellipsis button located to the right of the drop-down list or typing its path.

Password Safe uses Auto Type technique to help you input the desired username and password automatically into a web form. You can also drag and drop the entries into appropriate slots. You may also use the traditional copy and paste method.

PasswordSafe 3.61.0 What New :

  • GH893 Removed “Open Another” from system tray menu when a child window (e.g., Add/Edit Entry) is open.
  • SF1566 Persist Edit Entry and Rename custom shortcuts.


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PasswordSafe 3.61.0

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