Subtitle Edit Portable v4.0.0

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Subtitle Edit (SE) is an editor for video subtitles – a subtitle editor. With SE you can easily adjust the start time of a subtitle if it is out of sync with the video. For a full list of features see below. SE is written in C# and full source code is included.


Features Subtitle Edit :

  • VISUALLY sync/adjust a subtitle (start/end position and speed).
  • Show texts earlier/later
  • Translation helper (for manual translation)
  • Merge/split
  • Adjust display time
  • Fix common errors
  • Convert between SubRib, MicroDVD, Substation Alpha, SAMI, and more
  • Remove text for hear impaired
  • Renumbering
  • Can now read and write UTF-8 and unicode files (besides ANSI) *NEW*
  • Swedish to danish translation built-in (via Multi Translator Online) *NEW*
  • Google translation built-in *NEW*
  • Spell checking via Open Office 2.x dictionaries (many dictionaries available) *NEW*
  • Effects: Typewriter and karoake *NEW*
  • Can open subtitles embedded inside matroska files *NEW*
  • History/undo manager *NEW*


Subtitle Edit Portable v4.0.0 Change Log:

* NEW:
* Support for import of Ooona shot change file – thx Eva
* ASSA styles sortable – thx tormento

* Update Polish translation – thx admas
* Update Brazilian Portuguese translation – thx igorruckert
* Improve “Dark theme” a little
* Improve mpv download UI a little – thx Mishasama

* Fix video player gfx for installer version – thx David
* Fix asking for unneeded Purfview Faster Whisper update – thx abc16361
* Fix keeping colors after restart – thx Cyprien-22
* Fix error handling for clip board – thx jmaraujouy
* Fix for zoom waveform drop down width – thx oep42
* Fix PAC on Linux – thx PunchaiW
* Fix EBU STL on Linux
* Fix for using selected text in Find/Replace – thx Daniel



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Subtitle Edit Portable v4.0.0

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