Video Container Changer 1.3

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Video Container Changer is a GUI fronted for FFmpeg to Demux-Remux Streams for different Containers. The program features an easy to use GUI, works with several popular video formats, and it quickly batch converts multiple videos. Video Container Changer also supports changing the H264 video stream Level to 4.1 to play files in your compatible devices.


Features Video Container Changer:

  1. Win GUI with Multiple Files Drag & Drop Support
  2. Change Video Container Format.
  3. Change H264 Stream Level to 4.1 or any.
  4. Limit File Size or Duration .
  5. Custom Choose “FFmpeg.exe” tool.
  6. User can use External Options for FFmpeg tool.
  7. Duration for All Files can be adjust from Start to End.
  8. Individual file setting option.
  9. Audio tracks can be disable if want.
  10. Copy All Video/Audio Streams Added. (If FFmpeg has issues ,this will automatically disable)


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Video Container Changer 1.3

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