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Did you know that you could integrate some applications onto your desktop and use them directly from there? One application that helps you extend the functionality of your desktop is DesktopCal, a free desktop calendar that will help you manage your days with relative ease. It is a full-featured calendar that includes such details as anniversaries and festivals.


  • Recording events and reminders directly from the desktop
  • Setting different background colors for different days
  • Moving data to different devices
  • Printing calendar pages with wallpaper
  • Available in several languages

Using DesktopCal

DesktopCal has a simple user interface that makes it easy for you to handle its various features. We could customize the interface of our application as we wanted. Some of the things we could change included transparency level, background color, gaps between cells and font.

As its name indicates, DesktopCal appears directly on the desktop, but it allows you to view other things on the desktop. You can adjust the transparency to the level you are comfortable with.

When we wanted to record something, we double-clicked on the relevant date and the cell changed into a text editor where we could directly type what we wanted. We also changed the cell’s color to make it easier to view the information.

The ability to record things directly on the desktop makes it easy and fast to save required details. You also do not need to worry about forgetting an event simply because the program where you recorded it is either closed or minimized: a simple glance at the desktop allows you to see the recorded events.

In addition to displaying the entire monthly calendar, DesktopCal shows the current date and day at the top of its interface. On the top left part of the interface are buttons that allow you to change the application’s appearance or the month displayed. Right-clicking on the hovering toolbox opens a context menu that gives quick access to the application’s features.

The icon on the system tray provides more options to control the application. Some of the ways in which you can change DesktopCal include:

  • Displaying week numbers
  • Showing floating months
  • Resizing the application interface to cover either the entire or part of the desktop
  • Changing the sizes of particular cells
  • Changing the numbers of columns and rows

We also had the option to use the background color on cells or choose images to display, which could be tiled, centered, stretched or made to fill the entire interface. We could also choose the number of minutes we wanted to elapse before the pictures changed.


DesktopCal is an intuitive free desktop calendar that makes it easy to manage schedules, to-do lists and appointments. You can customize the application to blend in with your desktop or contrast it as you wish. If you do not want the calendar to appear on the desktop for some time, you can disable it from the floating toolbox. However, it does not hinder you from manipulating your desktop.



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Desktop Calendar v2.3.108.5601

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