Evernote v10.66.3

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Whether you want to take a quick note, prepare a short list or write a lengthy research paper, Evernote will make it easy for you to collect your ideas and compile them into a completed project. The program allows you to use various methods of collecting information digitally. You can basically ‘dump’ any kind of information in any format and access it wherever you have Internet access.

Using Evernote

Evernote features a fairly straight forward graphical user interface with self-explanatory menus. We could make notebooks with two folder levels, which helped us stay organized without having too much or too little information. We could not create more sub-folders within the sub-folders of parent folders.

We configured a default folder where content went automatically unless we specified the exact folders to send them to. We later retrieved, reviewed and filed them in appropriate locations.

We got content into Evernote in different ways. When we wanted to type new content, we first selected the folder where we wanted to store the information and then clicked on the New Note button. We typed its title and then typed what we wanted on the pane below it. The editor allowed us to format the text as we wanted and add other features like checklists and tables. We also inserted documents, which retained their original formatting. The program even allowed us to record voice notes.

We also sent an email to add content directly to a specified folder. We specified the folder by typing @ followed by the folder’s name at the end of the subject. Evernote assigned us a unique email address that we could use to add content.

Other methods of adding content included cut and paste, drag and drop, Web clipping and scanning.

We shared some folders by right-clicking them and selecting Share Notebook. When we wanted to share a folder or sub-folder with everybody, the program created a unique URL that we sent to people we wanted to access the folder’s content. Alternatively, we could invite individual people via email to view the folder as a web page. The icons of shared folders appeared in blue color.

Evernote automatically synchronized everything we stored on it with our other devices. The Usage button enabled us to view how much disk space on the Evernote server. The amount of space you get depends on the type of account you have.

The program allowed us to sort notes in a variety of ways. We could also view the notes as lists, snippets or thumbnails, which we preferred since we could visually locate the files we wanted relatively easily.

The powerful search feature enabled us to locate relevant files quickly even if they were not tagged. The program even searched text in pictures and scanned files.


Evernote works as an extension of your brain. Although it has a sharing feature, it is primarily designed to make it easy to take and access notes from different locations using multiple devices. The same workspace allows you to write notes, collect relevant content, discuss with colleagues and present your project. Recording information is one thing; retrieving it is another matter. Thankfully, the program makes it easy to locate what you want using its powerful search feature.


Evernote Fixes 10.66.3 Change Log:

  • Fixes an issue where the ‘Pin to Home’ dropdown list was missing when opening the overflow menu with a Personal account.
  • Fixes an issue on Windows platforms where “A JavaScript error occurred in the main process” popup showed up during app update.
  • Fixes an issue where sidebar items were hidden while working on a note in fullscreen mode.


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Evernote v10.66.3

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