File Lock PEA 1.5

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With growing online and electronic security concerns, more and more people and companies are turning to encryption to protect their data. PEA, a type of encryption algorithm, is an effective file protection method, but few people know how to go about implementing it on their own. One option to take advantage of PEA file encryption is File Lock PEA.

Using File Lock PEA

This free program doesn’t require installation and is comprised of just one archive file. As long as your PC has a Java Runtime Environment or Open JDK 6 or higher, File Lock PEA should work just fine. It’s a straightforward file encryption system with a very user friendly interface. When you start File Lock PEA, it will ask you to choose at least one file and enter a password to encrypt it. After pressing “Ok”, the process will be completed and your data’s integrity will be well protected.

In addition to encryption at the filesystem level, File Lock PEA is capable of decrypting entire directories and single files. You can use this file encryption system in combination with other PEAs, and it works for image, text, and other file types.


File Lock PEA works well at protecting files, but it’s not the most convenient solution for those needing to encrypt vast amounts of data at once. Even so, if you’ve ever run into problems with file tampering or have certain files that you don’t want accessed without your authorization, it’s a great tool to have on your PC. The fact that this program is free and doesn’t come bundled with any junkware is a definite bonus. Computer users of all levels can easily get the hang of using File Lock PEA, which is a major advantage over other encryption methods that require tech savvy and professional-level skills. For a quick, easy file encryption method that’s reliable, File Lock PEA is a good choice.



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File Lock PEA 1.5

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