HiPER Calc 2.3.2

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While the calculator bundled with Windows suffices to perform most everyday calculations, you may need something more advanced to perform complex calculations. Some scientific calculators are as complex as the functions they are meant to solve, but HiPER Calc is a simple calculator that handles complex operations easily.

The program resembles a physical calculator, and you can use it in either portrait or landscape mode. The default mode is portrait. Whichever mode you choose, it keeps numbers and functions in separate blocks. The landscape mode allows you to work with higher numbers.

The calculator accommodates up to nine places of exponent and 100 decimal places, and you can customize its precision as you want. You can even customize the way it displays digits. For example, you may use either a period or comma to separate decimals and apostrophe, comma or space as the thousand separator. Indeed, you can customize the entire interface.

HiPER Calc supports many functions besides periodic numbers and fractions. Other functions you can calculate include roots, powers, logarithms, permutations, combinations and hyperbolic functions. You can use parentheses and braces to calculate complex equations with relative ease. The display may appear in engineering or fixed-point scientific format. You can easily calculate powers, estimate percentages or use Pi. You can use both improper and mixed fractions and random numbers among other advanced number operations.

In addition to performing clipboard operations, the calculator comes with 10 extended memories.

Apart from using complex expressions, scientific calculations typically require a high degree of precision. Whether you want your answer in decimals or exponents, HiPER Calc will help you come up with highly accurate answers. Hot keys allow you to access most functions quickly.

After the last updates the calculator supports non-decimal numeral systems (binry, octal and hexadecimal), logical operations, bitwise shifts and rotations, result history etc.



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HiPER Calc 2.3.2

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