Mendeley Desktop v2.103.0

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Studying and writing scientific papers requires a lot of effort, including conducting in-depth research and collaborating with others. Mendeley Desktop is meant to make the whole process easier for users. The free reference manager also doubles as an academic social network where you can share full-text articles, references and reading lists.

You may even create research groups to solve assignments, write papers and share feedback with other collaborators. You can also connect with classmates, peers and other colleagues. The platform gives you the opportunity to showcase the research you have published to many people from different parts of the world.

You need to create an account that allows you to save and access your research from multiple locations and devices. The platform allows you to make a fully-searchable library easily and quickly, which will help you cite as you write. You will find it easy to sort your notes, documents and references. You can then use keywords to search for what you want.

The program automatically scans files and displays their titles, names of authors and other identification information, making it easy to use them as reference. It also allows you to compare information in multiple documents by keeping them open in different tabs.

You can access the material you store using different devices. This means you can read your documents and make necessary annotations on the go, which is important considering that you may think of something that can get lost for good if you do not capture it immediately.

Mendeley also makes it easy for you to generate your bibliography and citations in your preferred format. The platform is compatible with the Web, desktop and iOS devices, which allows users to access their libraries wherever they are. You need to create a free account that gives you 2 GB of storage space.


Mendeley Desktop v2.103.0 Change Log :

We have:

  • Added a panning mode to the PDF reader which will also allow mobile users to scroll freely
  • Improved the performance of the list of references

We have fixed these issues:

  • Content containing special formatting was not being saved when pasted into the notebook
  • The last reference was hidden when the bulk action panel was open
  • The search bar and filters were hidden when the right-hand-side panel was open


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Mendeley Desktop v2.103.0

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