PdfScanManager v1.23

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Note from FreewareFiles:

The setup program and the “settings” dialog box are in English. Other functions are in German. To view all functions in English:

  1. Right-click the icon in your system tray
  2. Click “Open Settings”
  3. The “English” language is selected by default in the language choice
  4. Click “Save”


Anyone who frequently works with PDF documents needs a good way of managing the files, which is where PdfScanManager comes in handy. The program makes it easy to preview, store and rename PDF files.

You can use the F keys to perform various functions, including:

  • Renaming
  • Renaming and sending as e-mail
  • Moving into another folder
  • Moving into selected folder

PdfScanManager monitors both local and network folders for new PDF files, which it opens automatically. You can set up two locations where the program scans for new PDF files. If you want to rename a file, just start typing the name you want, and you can include tags you had previously saved in the file names. If the new filename textbox has lost focus, press F1.

The manager allows you to rotate either single pages or all the pages in a document simultaneously. Configure it via the context menu to suit your own preferences.

You can either store files into your favorite folder or export them using drag and drop or via clipboard. If you like, select the pages you do not want to export. Since the program processes all files in queue format, you will not forget any document.



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PdfScanManager v1.23

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