Microsoft OneNote 2016

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In today’s digital world where people are increasingly working from different places, Microsoft OneNote is a handy application that helps users access and use their documents irrespective of their geographical locations. You can use it to capture those momentary flashes of ideas that you would otherwise wish to recall later and then synchronize them across your various devices.


  • Provides access to documents from any location
  • Allows collaboration among different users
  • Lets users store and share notebooks on OneDrive
  • Integrates OCR
  • Does not expire

Using OneNote

Microsoft OneNote’s graphical user interface looks like a stripped down version of MS Word, which makes it relatively easy to use. It also offers some extra features like the ability to record either audio or video.

One of the things we noticed was different with the application’s pages was the ability to type anywhere on the pages. It automatically created a text box at the point where we started typing, unlike MS Word where we had to insert a text box where we wanted.

The interface uses tabs to make it easy to arrange different projects and open multiple pages. The notebooks we created were displayed as tabs on the left side of the application window while the sections and pages we created on the notebooks appeared as tabs on the upper part. Creating either notebooks or sections was as easy as right-clicking on a tab pane and making the appropriate selection. The program automatically included day, date and time when we created a new page. We could create as many pages, sections and notebooks as we wanted.

Whenever we created a notebook, we needed to choose whether we wanted to save it on our computer, local network or the Web. We could also share the notebooks either on the local network or Web. In addition, we could send pages to e-mail, blog or Word. The program also gave us the opportunity to save individual pages, sections or entire notebooks in a variety of formats.

The application allowed us to take different types of notes, including ink notes and mathematical expressions. Since it automatically saved our notes, we did not need to worry about losing anything. It also automatically opened the last page worked on when launched.

The search function made it easy to jump to specific parts, and it displayed results in real time, listing sections with searched terms. We could even search texts in pictures, thanks to the OCR function. The program searches all notebooks by default, but you can configure it to search specific pages, sections or section groups.


Microsoft OneNote is an intuitive program that allows users to take, access and use different types of notes from multiple locations. If you are using it to take notes while working with other programs, you can dock it to the desktop so it always remains visible even when you switch applications. Although the program includes an OCR feature you can use to extract text from images, it is not very accurate.



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Microsoft OneNote 2016

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